Our menu

We offer a theoretical / practical approach to beer brewing with the traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeasts known as Kveik.

We have set up a practical and rustique conference room within the boundaries of our thick stone walls in the basement of our farmhouse. The house was built approximately 1880, and since then we have brewed beer and told good stories within these walls. We intend on continuing this tradition.

Beer tasting: We will sit down around our heavy wooden table and embark on a journey through the adventurous universe of kveik beers. We will also talk about the history of the west coast farmers and the local beer traditions. This might include a small meal if desired. Suited for groups up to 15 people.

1-day course in traditional brewing. Brewday kicks off at 10 am. As the participants arrive, we have already the fire running under the juniper branches to make the day as effective as possible. This will be an experience of a complete brewing from A to Z.

Now, there are as many ways to make konnjøl (the local name for the beer) as there are brewers, but this will be as close to the way my great grandfather brewed his beer 60 years ago as possible.

Lunch will be served, tasting samples of kveik beers will be served.

Brewing day is over at approximately 5 pm with the shouting at the kveik and cleaning up the brewing rooms. Best suited for groups up to 10 people.

Check our webshop for available dates for our planned brewing days, or send me an email to schedule you own!

All-inkveiksive” brewing package - 3 days. We can pick you up at the airport on the first afternoon, and let you settle in your accomodation. At 8 pm, we will gather for a tasting evening, similar to the beer tasting mentioned above.

Next morning will be a full brewing day like above, brewing a classic raw ale.

Depending on the size of the group, dinner will be served on site, or we will move to a local restaurant for a beermakers 8-course dinner.

Day 3 starts with a check on the fermenting vessel to see what the kveik has been up to for the last 16 hours, before sum-up, Q&A and the possibiliy to purchase kveik and other merchandise. Transport to airport will take place according to flight schedueles.

Suited for groups up to 10 people. Check webshop for planned weekends, or send me an email to schedule your own dates - this can also be arranged mid-week.

Oppskåk. There is no english word for this - but this is the event where we lift the beer out of the fermenting vessel and over to storage vessels. This is a celebration of the new beer, and in many cases friends and neighbours showed up to help the lucky brewer - drinking up up to 30% of the beer in the process …

The group shows up to a readily fermented raw ale brewed on juniper and grey alder. You will be set to work to participate in the work, getting to breathe inn the beer fumes. Samples of other kveik beers will be offered, and we will talk about beer traditions and farmhouse brewing. Tasting the warm and completely fresh beer is a very unique experience, something you probably can not do anywhere else in this matter.

Suited for groups up to 15 people.

Check my webshop for dates, normally tuesday night after brewing weekend - or send me an email to schedule one for your own group.

Off-site training / speaking. I can get in my car or on a plane and travel to any venue or location of your selection. Our brewing equipment is almost impossible to bring, but we can adjust to brew at any excisting equipment available. An on-stage speak, can cover almost any subject within traditional brewing, from the history of the poor farmer on the west coast of Norway, Kveik as a phenomenon or brewing traditions. Get in touch and we will agree on the details.

Collab brewing. We can participate in a brewing in any commercial brewery, and do a collab on a raw beer or any other style of traditional Norwegian kveik beer. We can discuss the potential for your brewery in using the rapid fast kveik yeast, both in terms of increased production, but also in the unique tastes the kveik can make in your next big beer.

Get in touch, and we will see what we can do together !


Sykkylven is a small town 45 minutes away from Aalesund, beautifully situated along Sykkylvsfjorden. We are a 45 minutes drive away from Ålesund, and approximately 1 hour away from Ålesund airport, Vigra (AES). You can get here directly from among others Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Gdansk.

Depending on the size of the group, we will accomodate our guests locally at the farm, or we rent bigger cabins with a cooperating partner.

For those that does not stay at the farm, transport to and from will be arranged.

We can also pick up at the airport and take you back there free of charge.

Food and drink

For the “all-inkveiksive” weekend, all meals are included in the package. Tasting samples of beer will be available where applicable.